Rejuvenation and effective Anti-aging


Chart a new course for health, rejuvenation and effective anti-aging.

Bio Care Health and Wellness Center provides a comprehensive startup program for a full, vigorous and healthy longevity- The beginning of pleasant surprises as you face what so many call “the senior years.”

By itself, aging is a genetically programmed event: we can in fact now predict an individual’s lifespan. Our genetic DNA is already working like a preset clock for all stages of life: it puts into play all the physiological and biochemical mechanisms needed for growth, sexual maturity and the harmonic interactions of all parts of our body.

The same is true, unhappily, for the flip side—a pattern of decay of biological processes characterized by the shutting down of certain hormones, diminished functions in many areas such as the gastrointestinal tract, muscle tone, tissue elasticity, etc., which in their totality are responsible for the stage called “senescence” which leads to death.

Dramatic aging effects, we now know so well, come from the unforeseeable occurrence of traumatic accident and social distress as well as from pathogenic infectious exposures, toxic environmental factors, the general abuse of foods (through over consumption of the wrong kinds as well as the acute chemicalization of the food supply), alcohol, tobacco and other habits of social gratification including lack of physical exercise and altered sleep patterns— All elements of the hurried “modern” lifestyle.

With the above in mind, we should direct our attention to the possible ways and means of delaying, arresting or even reversing the course of aging’s deleterious effects. This usually means taking the necessary steps to live longer without undergoing the assault of age-related diseases and dysfunctions, particularly those which have their origin in the abnormal behavior of the immune system, genetic mutations, and the cancer, heart and vascular diseases which have sprung from them all.

In our 10 day in-house program, where all such needs and details are taken into consideration, there is a "jump-start" for a successful, long-term outcome. The Bio Care System is just such a carefully managed program to set in motion a sluggish metabolism.

The essence of the program is intensive and active detoxification, diagnosis and treatment (if necessary) of infectious elements, physical examination, a battery of state-of-the-art blood tests and dental examination to detect such internal pollutants as mercury, a key contributor to many of today’s pathological disasters.

The elimination of excess water and sodium from the body has immediate effects—improved blood flow, oxygenation of blood, improved clearance of toxic substances by the kidneys, improved oxygenation of tissues for more efficient removal of wastes from distant parts of the body, a cascade which translates into better performance levels across the board.

We invite you to consider that time affects us all and that the difference between graceful and productive older years, or a period of slow decay and deterioration, is within our reach— it is truly up to us.

Prevention is now both programmable and attainable. Please join with us and the Bio Care System as you chart a new course for health, rejuvenation and effective anti-aging.


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