Integrative Medicine for Cancer


In standard oncology there is no treatment that does not damage the immune system. Sole reliance on chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery further compromises the body's ability to heal itself. Standard medicine concentrates on eradicating the tumor, when cancer is actually a whole-body disease. 

We believe that a healthy body with an intact immune defense system does not develop cancer. The presence of active cancer denotes a failure of host defense, mutation, or biological change triggering chronic disease. The on-going process of vigilance whereby the defense system identifies and destroys abnormal cells has broken down. 

The fact that elimination of the tumor mass does not bring about cure but recurrence of cancer demonstrates the failure of the conventional approach to treatment. While treating the malignancy there is no concept of making the body less toxic and improving diet and nutrition. The belief that medication alone can reverse disease and cure a patient without any consideration of the body's own defense and recovery systems still dominates the medical mentality. 

The BioCare System includes an integrative approach for the treatment of cancer, drawing on conventional and alternative modalities. BioCare  is part of a network of cancer treatment and research centers, and we use the latest modalities from international biomedical research and medical practice. Our approach seeks to restore the biological capacities of the body, with specific emphasis on the immune system. 

Bio Care Hospital & Wellness Center’s approach is based on treating the whole person and taking into account unique biological individuality. Each patient's manifestation of disease is different, and it must be treated in terms of biological identity. Each patient responds to treatment differently. There is no standard treatment. We create an individualized program of successive treatments. We go to the next step in the protocol when a patient is ready and able to tolerate and benefit from treatment. 


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