Whole body hyperthermia


What is whole body hyperthermia?

Medical Hyperthermia is a high tech procedure by which the systemic core temperature of the body is elevated. When we raise the core temperature of the body many functions will be accelerated and will become more efficient; very importantly the immune system becomes more active and much more aggressive. Enzymatic activity will increase several fold making the immune system a very important weapon to fight cancer. In addition cancer cells cannot not cope with high temperatures as normal cells do, making them an easier target for our immune system to attack.

Is hyperthermia safe?

Yes, as we already mentioned, systemic whole body hyperthermia means a more aggressive, effective immunity. We understand that one of the most common mechanisms of defense in our lives is fever; a series of physiological events that raises the temperature of the body to fight and destroy infections and other processes. Normal cells withstand heat with no harm, whereas cancer cells, already metabolically handicapped, will fall prey to fever effects.

Why is hyperthermia effective against cancer?

Hyperthermia can attack cancer cells from two fronts: one by creating a stronger immunological weapon that will attack the cancer cell in a more effective way and second, by rendering the cancer cell more susceptible to be damaged because of the metabolic effects of higher temperature and because of higher oxygen saturation that fever and hyperthermia produce in the body.  This is a very natural defense system that helps the body regain control over abnormal cellular behavior.

How long have you been doing this procedure?

BioCare recognized over  two decades ago the relevance of Whole Body Hyperthermia. Back in the 1990’s we created a team of highly trained professionals to implement this procedure for the benefit of our patients.

Whole body hyperthermia is an in house protocol performed under professional surveillance and care to guarantee quality, results and safety.

We have documented thousands of cases, with virtually no side effects. We are proud to say medical hyperthermia is a sound, very effective and very safe medical procedure. We are affiliated to international medical hyperthermia groups and have attended important medical hyperthermia seminars and meetings around the world.

We have built an integrative complementary protocol and procedure that supports its effectiveness and safety for the benefit of our patients.

Am I a candidate to perform this procedure?

Every case is unique, our team of doctors will always be available to review the medical information of your case. We invite you to share and discuss your medical information with our experts  and review the possibilities for every medical protocol.


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