Our Team


Javier Vazquez, MD

A graduate of the University of Baja California, School of Medicine and post-graduate in family medicine, Dr. Vazquez has been a leader in all the medical programs BioCare offers today. He is an active part of the research programs and instrumental in the implementation of many of them he not only shares but forms an integral part of BioCare’s philosophy in supporting and promoting biological resources as the ground base from which healing and health should be built.

Dr. Vazquez travels extensively and regularly attends US and Canada Health-shows many times being the keynote speaker and also gives lectures on the programs available at BioCare. He also spends long hours in reviewing and monitoring his patient’s progress and still finds time to spend with family and friends and enjoy his other passion: photography and his love for natures beautiful landscapes.

We want to invite you to call him directly and talk about your medical concerns. Dr. Vazquez has a long and successful track record at BioCare one of our most beloved doctors who will not only share his advice but will share experiences and help you talk directly with his living success stories.


Melba Romero, MD

Dr. Melba Romero, senior staff physician, with over 30 years experience holistically treating cancer, infectious and chronic inflammatory (autoimmune) diseases at BioCare. Mother of two, one of them following in her footsteps is also a brilliant up and coming physician. Her personal values and professional development have set her path into biological individuality and performance as the foundation upon which all medical treatments should be constructed upon.

An impressive list of long-lasting success stories attest to the value of her beliefs and methods, let alone, the loving relationships she has nurtured with her patients along her years of practice. Excelling in hard to decipher cases and an excellent success rate with breast cancer patients she will be happy to share her experiences by directly talking to her.


Victor Loustaunau, MD

Victor Loustaunau, MD, a graduate from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. He embraced in his medical training surgical skills and techniques that would soon help him in the development and implementation of time honored medical procedures, but at the same time Dr Loustaunau researched and implemented new modalities that were becoming available only a in the last decades. He has been a pioneer in his own right putting together a very important anti-cancer strategy: Whole Body Hyperthermia. He is one of the most experienced physicians in this area, traveling to important international forums on the subject. Following on the success of live cell therapy the 21st century offered stem cell therapy. This revolutionary achievement in medicine was soon embraced by BioCare with Dr Loustaunau at the helm. Joining a group of researchers at the National University in Mexico City, he learned and developed the procedures that are an integrative part of BioCare protocols. He works also in other activities as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy , Hyperbaric Oxygen, Ozone therapy. He has a post- graduate degree in Nutrition which he brilliantly combines with microbiome management and transplantation available at BioCare Hospital. For more in-depth information on this unique approach to healing call or write Dr. Loustaunau he will gladly share his expertise and help you.


Jair Arevalo, MD

Dr. Arevalo graduated at the top of his class. From his days as a medical student at the University of Baja California School of Medicine, he was attracted and immersed in integrative medical programs. When he joined BioCare hospital, it became obvious that his knowledge and expertise would not only fit with BioCare Hospital’s programs and protocols but would be a fine addition to the medical talent of our professional group. Dr. Arevalo is a caregiver at heart, his bedside manners along with his dedicated professional skills, make him not only a valuable member of our team, but also an important part of the future of BioCare’s beliefs and philosophy. Certainly a new-breed of doctor with strong bias toward integrative medicine convinced that the patient’s biological resources are the essence of a rational fight against disease and the foundation of healing and health.


Salvador Chavarin, MD