The vaccine mimics a natural infection. It stimulates the immune system to identify and destroy the patient’s unique form of cancer and create immunological memory to prevent the recurrence of cancer. During vaccine preparation, tumor and dendritic cells (DCs) are isolated and dendritics cells are activated. DCs “learn” to identify antigens-cancer makers on the surface of the tumor. When transfused, the dendritic cell exposes the patients cancer antigens to the killer T-cell, turning the T-cell into a cancer-destructive “smart bomb”.


Every individual's cancer is unique. Therefore, the most effective treatment is one customized to a particular disease's genetic configuration. By capturing the genetic information of tumors, we are able to use DCs to trigger a desired immune response.

—  Victor Loustaunau, MD.
  • Individual Cancer and Mutations.

Humans normally produce cancer cells throughout their lives. Malignant cells exposed to a healthy, active immune system will either be attacked and destroyed (Phagocytosis) or genetically programmed for self destruction (Apoptosis).

Genetic mutations and chromosomal abnormalities are commonly associated with human cancers. Unfortunately, since the genetic mutations leading to the development of cancer are often random events, every patient's tumor can contain a unique repertoire of antigens. The characteristic of human cancer requires each patient's immune system to recognize the specific antigens present.

Because these vaccines include the entire genetic repertoire of the patient's tumor, this precludes the need to identify or isolate specific tumor antigens. Thus, with DCs vaccines, we can treat those patients without known tumor antigens or those from whom insufficient tumor material can be obtained, making them suitable for the vast majority of cancer patients.

DCs Unique Advantages:

  • Dendritic cells transfected with RNA encoding tumor antigens have been shown to stimulate potent immune cell responses equal or superior to other competing approaches.
  • The vaccine is completely Autologous, potentially offering maximum safety with practically no side-effects. The vaccine targets the entire antigenic repertoire of the tumor including "private mutations" unique to the patient.
  • Subcutaneous administration of concentrated DCs and active white cells, with characteristics specific to the patient's disease, are part of this immune-specific protocol.

    While medicine in general has always tried to curb the activity of the immune system in general with the use of so-called immune suppressor drugs, we believe that the treatment should be directed toward helping the immune system to respond in a more normal way and to try to direct its activity against non-self components.

    We cannot stress enough the importance of a serious comprehensive in-house treatment program that can begin changing the course of degenerative disease. Our program extends from 10 days to 2 weeks to restore normal responses and behavior of the immune system. Synergy of all protocols is our goal and key to success.

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